Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New promo picture for Mane 'n Tail Products

 visit at Elizabeth Star Elementary School in Richmond, IN.  Read the story and answer many questions about how to write a story.  I answered questions about the time it took to write a story and how long it took to have the pictures drawn.  Very good questions from the students.
Book signing a Veach's Toy Store. This toy store is a child's dream.  They can touch the toys and play in the store.  This is Santa's toy store for the young at heart and for every child.  I had some people come from Indianapolis, IN to buy my book.
Western Wayne Elementary School. I visited with the K thru 2nd grades. We talked about horses and how many had horses. How much it is to ride a horse.  They loved ROCKIN' DOBBIN and enjoyed the story with many smiles and cheers.

School Visit

Winchester Elementary School students  Great audience with many questions about horses, writing, and art work.  They give me thumbs up for the story.

Head Start School

Liberty Head Start boys and girls. They loved the story and wanted the pictures on the table.  Beautiful smiles and a very good time.