Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School Visit

 This was a wonderful day at a school were I visited.  All of the children had dressed in cowboy and cowgirl outfits.  The teachers also joined in and dressed in their western clothes.  They had many banners in the hallways with the theme of my book which is dreams can take you anywhere you want to go. Many were drawing pictures of Rockin' Dobbin when they were given an opportunity to draw their dreams.
 The children asked questions about how to make a book and why I wanted to write this story. They asked about Rockin' Dobbin and if he was nice.

To see the smiles on their faces, made my day fantastic!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

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Signing books sold at Baker Elementary School. I enjoyed the students and all their questions about the book.  They clapped and said they loved the story.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dayton Book Expo

I will be attending the Dayton Book Expo on April 28th. in Dayton, OH. This will be at Sinclair Community College, Ponitz Center - Building 12, 444 West Third Street. The time is 11:00 am. to 4:00pm. Telephone number is 888.802.1802. This is a huge event for book lovers. Come and see all the authors who will be attending this Book Fair. I would enjoy meeting everyone from the Dayton, Ohio area. Come one, Come all!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Why did I write this story?

I am asked many times why I wrote this story by children and some adults. My answer always reminds me of the times a horse has brought me peace and calmed my spirit. My stallion, Rockin' Dobbin, came into my life about eleven years ago. In all that time he was apart of my life, I felt a sense of contentment whenever I was around him. My husband, Mike, and I traveled with him for almost a year. He was a show horse whose competition took him to many states. We traveled as far as Florida, the Carolinas, and other states far from Indiana. He was on display at Horse Fairs and was a guest of many horse events. I remember there were always children around Dobbin. They were in awe of this big horse who was so gentle with them. He froze and would not move when the children would run around him. There were some children who would have a very serious illness or hanicapped children wanting to get close to him. Dobbin seemed to understand their plight, so he gave all he could to make them feel better. He would gently lower his head to them, so they could pet this gentle gaint. His soft nose against their faces would bring out a smile as wide as the ocean. Children would often close their eyes and sigh the moment Dobbin touched them. All of these magic moments, brought the story "Dobbin and the Stardust Trail" to be written. I can only hope that Dobbin can see from Heaven he is bringing those smiles to the children once again.

School Visit

Westwood Elementary Students

I visited Westwood Elementary School in New Castle, IN with my book. I asked the students if they wanted their picture on my blog and you can see the response. I think there are a few clowns in the crowd. Amanda Olson, the illustrator, was with me to discuss her paintings. Everyone agreed she should get an A in art. A teacher was admiring the paintings in the other picture. Each picture in this book is a painting. There are a total of 19 paintings in the book. Amanda and I signed books that were purchased. Many stated they were happy to get the author and illustrator to sign the book. I enjoyed this trip to the school.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Independent Book Blogger Awards

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dreams..............begin in your mind with a flow of images darting back and forth each time you close your eyes. You lay quietly and breathe slowly as your mind races to bring forth the desire of your soul. A feeling of happiness embraces your spirit as you travel to your heart's desire.

I wrote this in 2008 as a part of my book which I decided not in include. I think this saying still runs true.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

I am talking with the Union City, IN Rotary Club about my book. Met many professional business people. Enjoyed a nice lunch and visiting with eveyone.

Monday, March 26, 2012

This is the display I use to promote and sell my books. This was used at Grissom Elementry in Muncie, IN. on family night. I met many families and children who wanted this book. Thank you to the School staff for having me there.

These are a few of the pictures taken at Northeastern's 3 grade class. I showed them how a book was made. Starting with the idea of a story, the drawings, and how the story is edited. I autographed books and signed autographs for the children. They asked many questions which I was happy to answer. Wonderful day!

Monday, March 12, 2012

On the Rocky Mountain Horse Association show circuit, Rockin' Dobbin was a champion.
He also was an adverting star, appearing in print and TV advertisements for Mane 'n Tail hair care products for horses.
Around children, he was "a gentle giant," said his owner Diana Medler. When he met children, especially those who were ill, he would put his head down for them to pat and for them touch his mane, which was more than 5 feet long.
In the eyes of those children, Medler could see how they wanted to be riding Rockin' Dobbin.
The children inspired Medler to write a book about Dobbin's adventures helping children during their dreams.
She will be signing copies of "Dobbin and the Stardust Trail" starting at 1 p.m. today at Hastings in Richmond. The book features colorful artwork based on original paintings by Amanda D. Olson.
Medler loves to read the story to children. Just this week, she appeared at Northeastern Elementary School in Fountain City.
"I love to see their faces... Their eyes just sparkle," she said. "The book seems to have captured the imagination of children. When they clap, that makes me feel good...
"Children are just fascinated because he was a real horse."
Children, Medler said, ask questions about the length of the horse's mane, if he was nice, if he would bite and if she rode him. They like hearing that Dobbin wanted a hug everyday.
The story also has inspired recognition. The book was chosen for the 2010 Reader's Favorite Award and also received a five-star approval rating from Reader's Favorite, an organization that rates children's books.
Sadly, Dobbin has not been able to enjoy the book's success. He died at age 17 just before the book he inspired went to print, Medler said.
Rockin' Dobbin had been part of Medler's family for a long time. She and her husband bought him from a man in Irving, Ky., and brought him to their Indian Hill Farm, which is in Randolph County but has a Williamsburg address.
Dobbin was a breeding stallion and the International Champion of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association. He also won other honors.
On the farm, Medler used the Mane 'n Tail products on Dobbin and one day decided to share his beauty with the makers of Mane 'n Tail, sending them a letter and a photo Soon, Rockin' Dobbin was the star of the company's commercials and advertisements. He remains one of Mane 'n Tail's featured horses,
"He's just kind of known around the world," Medler said. "He's getting to be kind of a legend. He lives on."
Reporter Rachel E. Sheeley: (765) 973-4458 or

Monday, February 27, 2012


Here are a couple more reviews for my book
Angela Cater "Angela Cater, Children's writer... (Manchester, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Dobbin and the Stardust Trail (Paperback) Like most young girls, I went through a few years when I was crazy about horses. "Dobbin and the Stardust Trail" would really have captured my imagination with its beautifully whimsical horse illustrations by Amanda Olsen. Diana Medler's story tells of a magical and heavenly herd of horse who visit children in their sleep at night and take them flying amongst the stars. When a little girl, Sarah is seriously ill in hospital and it seems like medicine can no longer help her, Dobbin and his child friend, Diana, find a way to reach her in her dreams and start her on the road to recovery.This is a story that will capture the imagination of young children, and the delightful paintings will make it one that they wish to return to. It is made all the more special by its dedication to a real horse "Rockin Dobbin" who was the inspiration behind the story.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dobbin is a great children's story, April 20, 2011
Author Lori A. Moore (Louisville, KY) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Dobbin and the Stardust Trail (Paperback) Not only is Dobbin and the Stardust Trail a fun story for kids, but as an adult, I enjoyed reading about the history of the real horse (Rockin' Dobbin) and all that he inspired. His photo with his tremendously long mane is fantastic! Children will enjoy this story of a horse who visits them in their dreams and takes them on fun adventures.
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Dobbin and the Stardust Trail by Diana Medler ISBN 978-0-9821563-8-4
Review by Chris Phillips
Medler has written a wonderful tale of friends helping friends. The illustrations by Amanda D Olson enhance the words, transforming them into an exquisite dream for children.
Diana, the main character, and Dobbin are partners in a dream existence. They travel to the fields of a heaven populated by magical horses. On a particular night Diana hears of a horse that has been left alone and his little girl Sarah, who has not called him from the fields. Diana and Dobbin must fix the situation and save Sarah.
The characters are well developed for the shortness of the book. Medler is able to start here a series that could well become another family tradition.
Hopefully, Medler will write many tales of Diana and Dobbin’s adventures. The enclosed picture of the horse Rockin’ Dobbin and his life story are wonderful extras.
Published by Good Sound Publishing, 2009. ( ($10.99 USD SRP/Amazon $10.99 USD) Reviewer received book from the author.

Book Signing

I will be at the Hastings Book Store in Richmond, IN reading my book and signing them. The time is Saturday, February 25th, at 1 pm . This should be fun!!! Hope to see you there. Adding a few pictures of some of the horses who have lived on our farm.

Monday, February 20, 2012

School Visit

I will be at Northeastern Elementary School tomorrow reading my book. Looking forward to visiting the school and seeing the children. My daughter went to this school. It will be like going back in time to see these halls, again.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Newspaper Interview

Hi, I am going to do an interview with the Palladium Item Newspaper in Richmond, IN about my book today. This will be for a book signing I will do at Hastings in Richmond on February 25th. I will be reading the book for story time and then sign books. Looking forward to this time. I will keep everyone informed how the interview goes.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Travel Time

I went to Lexington, KY on Saturday to deliver a gelding to his new owner. I always love traveling to Horse Country. The farm where I took him to was beautiful and horses were running the fields. The people there had my book and were asking when the next one would be available. They wanted details about my other stories. Makes a person feel really good about the enthusiastic response from readers. This picture is my granddaughter and one of our horses. I thought you might enjoy seeing this.