Monday, April 23, 2012

Why did I write this story?

I am asked many times why I wrote this story by children and some adults. My answer always reminds me of the times a horse has brought me peace and calmed my spirit. My stallion, Rockin' Dobbin, came into my life about eleven years ago. In all that time he was apart of my life, I felt a sense of contentment whenever I was around him. My husband, Mike, and I traveled with him for almost a year. He was a show horse whose competition took him to many states. We traveled as far as Florida, the Carolinas, and other states far from Indiana. He was on display at Horse Fairs and was a guest of many horse events. I remember there were always children around Dobbin. They were in awe of this big horse who was so gentle with them. He froze and would not move when the children would run around him. There were some children who would have a very serious illness or hanicapped children wanting to get close to him. Dobbin seemed to understand their plight, so he gave all he could to make them feel better. He would gently lower his head to them, so they could pet this gentle gaint. His soft nose against their faces would bring out a smile as wide as the ocean. Children would often close their eyes and sigh the moment Dobbin touched them. All of these magic moments, brought the story "Dobbin and the Stardust Trail" to be written. I can only hope that Dobbin can see from Heaven he is bringing those smiles to the children once again.

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